Posted by: momecology | November 14, 2007

why don’t we just lay eggs?

Has it ever occurred to you to wonder, say in the middle of labor, why we humans don’t have an easier means of reproducing? Bacteria just split themselves in two, fish lay eggs and swim away. Even birds dump their babies in the outside world long before the point when they will require an 8 week class in breathing, and possibly some excellent drugs, before birth can occur. Why is it so hard to be a human parent?

This blog is dedicated to the proposition that everything about parenting is more interesting, and makes more sense, if you understand the biology of the way humans make babies and raise them to adulthood. I was a biologist before I became a parent, and I find that I think about my children as a biologist would any animal. They are particularly precious animals, but I still notice that their sibling rivalry is very similar to that observable in any bird nest. I intend to share this view of parenthood with you. If you are not careful, you might learn a thing or two about biology, too.


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